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Fluffy plush toy american frog


SKU: ST003
About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W38 x D38 x H17 cm
About the product The fluffy texture feels irresistible!

Target age 6 years or older

What is the American frog?
The American frog is native to southern Africa.
It is a small frog with a size of 3-5 cm, and it is a style of digging a hole in the soil called underground and living in it. Basically, it does not move unexpectedly when eating, but when it rains, it comes out from the soil. Its appearance is almost round like a sphere, and its short limbs are fluffy around it.
From the appearance of this Manmaru, it is sometimes called by the nickname "Moveable Manju". With these short limbs, I can't bounce, and I'm crawling on the ground and on the ground.
And the short limbs have no webbing and of course cannot swim.

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