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Tadpole Magnet


SKU: SQ041
About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of production: China
Size W5 x D13 x H4cm
About the product Cute magnet in palm size
If it is A4 size, five are all right!?

Age 3 or older

What is a tadpole?
A generic term for the larvae of frogs. The body is close to the spherical shape, there are no limbs, the tail develops, and Ella breathes. It is found in familiar freshwater areas such as rice fields and ponds, and has been popular for a long time.
When it matures, the hind limbs first become transformed, then the forelegs occur, and the tail is gradually absorbed into the body and disappears. Usually, larvae are transformed in two to three months, but bovine frogs and the like are overwintering as larvae. It is also said that the larvae of amphibians other than frogs, but in this case, it is characterized by not losing the tail even if it is transformed.
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