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Common rain frog Magnet


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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W11 x D11 x H5cm
About the product Cute magnet with palm size
If it is A4 size, five pieces are all right!?

Age 3 or older

What is a memenfukufrog?
The origin of the amefukuragael is southern Africa.
It is a small frog of about 3-5cm, and it is a style to dig a hole in the soil called the underground property and to live in it. Basically, it does not move unexpectedly at meal, but when it rains, it comes out from the soil. The figure is almost round like a sphere, and it is a very lovely figure with a short limb attached there a little.
It is sometimes referred to as a nickname such as "moving bun" because of the appearance of this manmaru. With these short limbs, it is not possible to bounce, and it crawls on the ground and it moves.
And, there is no water ing in a short limb, and it is not possible to swim naturally.
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