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Blue poison dart frog Magnet


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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W11 x D11 x H5cm
About the product Cute magnet with palm size
If it is A4 size, five pieces are all right!?

Age 3 or older

What is cobalt yadokugael?
Cobalt yadokugael is a frog with black spots on the cobalt blue body. Basically, yadokugael is mostly a poisonous warning color, but this guy is also a bad color because it does not leak to the example and sees. However, it is said that it is "Blue jewel" and "The most beautiful frog in the world" because of its beautiful color.
I like the wet environment and live near the riverside and other water. It is eaten during the day by daytime. It eats insects such as ants, termites and flies.
The breeding season begins around February and March, the rainy season in South America. Spawning is done on moist ground and lays about five to ten eggs at a time.
The eggs hatch in two weeks and become tadpoles, but it is also characteristic that the father frog puts the tadpole on his back and carries it to the water. The child matures in two to three years and has a life span of five to six years.
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