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Amazon milk frog Magnet


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About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: China
Size W11×D11×H5cm
About a product Pretty magnet of the palm size
If it is A4 size, five pieces are all right?

Target age 3 years old or older

With ジュウジメドクアマガエル?
I say ジュウジメドクアマガエル in the Japanese name. Because an eye contained a cross-formed black spot, this name was attached. The body with the habit that the origin of the mil Kuga L of the fame secretes the milk-formed white venom with the mucosity from skin.
The length is approximately 8 centimeters. I inhabit the tree of forest sinus, and it is arboreal, and it is said that it hardly falls on the surface of the earth. The inside of the mouth is light blue, and an island design enters the body and the limbs. This design varies by an area, an individual. There seem to be the most types to contain a brown spot from olive color in the dark reddish-brown place, but the contrast of the color of the body is strong, and there are few warts, and the surface of a body is smooth, and the young individual is beautiful.
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