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Ruddy Kingfisher



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about raw materials Main Materials: Polyester
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W9×D15×H10cm

subject age over three years

What about akashaubin?
The whole length is 27 cm. The whole is bright reddish-brown, and the beak is conspicuous red; blue spots on the waist; in Japan, summer birds nationwide, inhabiting well-grown hardwood forests, digging holes in dried trees and others to nest. The birds were burning in the deep woods, and the birds were burning in the burning woods, and the birds were burning in the middle of the swallows. There is a very good voice, but it is not found in the forest, and it is a cowsemi mate who sits in the forest.
The breeding season is called rain beggars, water beggars, and various legends have arisen from there, as it rings when it is likely to rain in the rainy season. “The sound of water ranging toward the sky is a punishment that can not drink water, and the nodo is thirsty and demanding rain,” he said. “Akashavin is actually crying with misery in the birth of a daughter who died in a fire.”
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