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Brown Hawk Owl


SKU: SM311
Raw materials Acrylic resin
Made in Vietnam
Size W14 x D32 x h30cm

Age 3 years or older

Japanese green headed tug.
The foot of the blue sea lion is blue as its name is, and when it is courageous, it is proud to raise the leg vigorously and step by step, and it appears to the female of the aim. The color is blue, the more attractive it is to the female.
Habitat is off the west coast of Central America and South America. About half of all breeds breed in Islas Galapagos. The red tailed catfish nests nest on land at night, like other bonito. And when the night breaks, they fly by seeking fish that become ESA, and sometimes hunt in groups. Sometimes we flew to the coast. When you find a game, fold a long wing into a streamlined body and dive into the water from a height of 20 meters or more. They can dive from the floating surface. The water of the foot is also used to warm the egg. Usually, the number of hatchlings hatched is one to three, and the parent birds cooperate with them to help them.
In the English language, there are six kinds of beetles named "booby", which is thought to be derived from the Bobo. The earliest settlers from Europe saw the appearance of a glimpse and vigilance of a foxy catfish in the land far from grace.
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