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Serval cat


SKU: SM306
Raw materials Acrylic resin
Made in Vietnam
Size W11 x D40 x h34cm
Cat vsHere 100 + 1Here

Age 3 years or older

It is a kind of medium feline cat. "Cybal" means "hunting dog" in Spanish.
It lives in open savannah, meadow and forest (excluding rainforest), and prefers the swamp and river surroundings. They live in high grasslands, ridges of riverside, and marsh of forest. Although he lived alone, he climbed a tree, but lived mainly on the ground. Although it is nocturnal, it sometimes acts in daytime. Especially when daytime temperatures do not rise too much, they actively work in daytime. He usually lives in hiding the back of the tall grass and the bracken.

The display of the cat is displayed on the table
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