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Capybara II


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About raw materials Main material: acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
size W15 x D23 x H20 cm
About the product The texture of hard hair like a scrubber is reproduced. It is a capybara that has a four-finger forefoot and three toes on its hindfoot that are very cute.

Target age 3 years or older

What is Capybara?
It inhabits waterside bushes and forests such as rivers and lakes in the South American continent east of the Andes.
The body is the largest of all rodents, larger than the raccoon.
The hair is hard. The ears are small, and they are round and black.
The swim is skillful, and when attacked by an external enemy such as Jaguar or Puma, only the eyes and nose are taken out of the water and hidden in the water.

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