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Extinction animal Mammoth


SKU: SM295
About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W18×D35×H25cm

Target age 3 years old or older

With the mammoth?
All kinds become extinct now. It is the relation of the current elephant, but does not seem to be a direct ancestor.
The large mammals which are told that a glacial epoch reaches the end and became extinct. The feature is that I have the tusk which formed a circle which stuck out before a body for a long time.
The name called the mammoth comes by the words of the Siberia district from "マンムート" of the meaning called "the beast of the underground". "マンムート" was words to mean a mole, but the people of the Siberia watched the tusk of the mammoth and built up the legend of the huge animal which dug the underground at a strong angle. The fresco of the mammoth of the Stone Age is rarer than other animals, but the fresco of the mammoth of 158 in total is drawn on the France ルフィニャック cave.
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