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Extinct animals Steller's sea cow


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Raw materials Material: Polyester
Made in Vietnam
Size Cm 20 x 50

Age 3 years or older

Stella kyugu?
It is a large sea cucumber which once lived in the Bering Sea of the North Pacific. Extinct in 1768 or later.
The appearance is similar to dugong, but it differs from dugong and others in the cold region.
It is said to be a main dish of seaweed, which is one step above the seaweed, and it has a lot of kelp, and it has fat, and it corresponds to the cold climate in winter. It is said to be a beak like organ with a fine groove on the maxilla and the mandible when it eats, and it is said that it uses the moving lip and this beak.
The length of the body is 7 meters in average and over 8 meters in maximum, and the weight is about 5 to 12 tons compared with it, and it is said that it is weak to dive in the sea, and it lives in the sea. It is said that it consisted of ten to 20 heads.
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