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Sperm whale


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raw materials the main material:the main Material:Polyester
country of origin:Vietnam
size 22nd×D43×H12cm

age range: 3 years old

sperm whale is?
The length of the body of both sexes between the differences are seen,is an average of 15 to 18m size for a female is 11 ~ 12m, weight is 50t for female 25t and almost 2 times the variance. Very large angular head, which is characteristic in the head, only body length of 3 minutes 1 to account for the open ocean and is widely distributed.
The deep sea is the most adaptive for the whale as well as a lifetime of 3 minutes of the 2 to deep water to spend it is said,by breathing oxygen to supply after the tail, and it followed part of the body to increase your vertical submersible up to 1 hour,about 3000m degree within it.
From the Arctic to the Antarctic in global distribution, and deep water off the coast the most common species.
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