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Naked mole rat


SKU: SM285
raw materials primary Material:Polyester
country of origin:Vietnam
size W6×D22×H8cm

age range: 3 years old

products back the rat is?
Mammals(little dude)leash 齧歯(up)was the eye model rat, Department of animal.
Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya above sea level 400 ~ 1500 meters spread to the dry step and Savannah habitats, and plants eaten. Head, long torso 8~9 cm, 尾長 3~4 cm, Weight 40~60 grams. The front and rear legs and 5 fingers. Body hair, not the lip of the periphery and the front and rear legs, tail, etc if they have hair only. The upper and lower incisors disclose to the projecting, the eyes small, the ears are the traces(this could be)the future. 20 ~ 30 head colony, and the diameter 3 cm from the tunnel to the underground 15 ~ 40 cm to a depth of Digger, the overall length is 300 meters to reach there...... Mammals are the most thermoregulation of the inferior type,the temperature is 32℃and no. The papilla is 7 for, and 1 production to 2 g of children 3 to 11 head lays,5 years live.

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