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Moon Bear


SKU: SM282
about raw materials Main Material: Acrylic
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W16×D25×H28cm

subject age over three years

What about the swine bear?
There are eight species of bears in the world, and two species in Japan: the higgae that live in Hokkaido and the tsukino wags that live in Honshū and sub-south.
The tsukino wag is smaller than the higgae, and the body condition is 120 cm to 180 cm, and it is said to weigh up to 150 kg.
In the old days, it was inhabited as far as Kyushu, but in 2012 the inhabitation of Kyushu was extinct, and the tsukinowags without Territory have become habitat-free and more frequently appear in the human population these days.
The "tsukinova" of the tsukinowa bear refers to the lunar affair, and it is now called so because white hairs on the breast parts are visible in the black hairs in the crescent, some individuals without the pattern of the moon.
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