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Cape Hyrax


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About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W12×D24×H18cm

Target age 3 years old or older

With the cape cony?
I feel that appearance resembled a rabbit and a guinea pig, but means of transportation include a flat nail like a hoof, and the relations with primitive Ungulata are done with an admitted animal.
Therefore, it is far from appearance, but is thought with the animal which is near to an elephant.
The size of the body is rabbit degree and the hair color has a short hair with grayish brown and yellowish-brown, dark brown and is firm and has a short limbs, and, as for the tail, it is rare.
In addition, four of them, a hind leg have three fingers on forefoot.
As for the body, the average that is greatly male some males is around 3.6 kg in 4 kg in weight, the females.
I make a family of the polygamy and make the group approximately 80 with a number family. Eyes and an edge are good and escape into the cracks of the rock quickly when they find an enemy.

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