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Southern tamandua


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About raw materials Main material: Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W18 x D34 x H25cm

Age 3 or older

What is Minamikoaliki?
It is widely distributed to the east of the Andes mountains of South America.
The hair is short, the body color is light brown, tan, brown, etc., except for the limbs, black from the shoulder to the base of the tail, and has a characteristic pattern that wears even the vest.
The body is also characteristic, and the tip of the mouth is long in a cylindrical shape like other alligators, the tail is as long as the length of the body, and this tail is thick and strong, there are no hairs on the tip of the tail and the lower surface, and unlike the oaishiki, it is possible to roll it around the branch etc. of the tree.
The Minamikoaliki is tree-like and can be skillfully moved between trees using long, sturdy tails. Ants, termites, and bees are mainly eaten with a long and narrow tongue of about 40cm, but there are times when we eat small fruits. Moreover, there is no tooth in the mouth, and the mouth is opened only by the thickness of the pencil.

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