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Secretary bird


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raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W13×D24×H36cm

age range: 3 years old

health service in the sardines
Japanese name of"snake-eating eagle", the snake kick the weak from not eating that figure came from.
Female than the male who is large in the whole body, gray feathers, covered with 風切羽 black occipital is black feathers extended 冠羽 and more. Eye around the feather without the orange skin is exposed and hind legs are very long and slender.
Savannah live alone or in pairs life. Wildfire happens, fire away from the grass fly out from the prey to hunt, gather populations observed in May. On the ground wandering through to catch a prey, the wings are degenerate as a fly without head or an ostrich, etc, unlike the flying ability is.

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