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About raw materials Main material: Acrylic Country of origin: Vietnam
size W12 x D29 x H28 cm

"100+1" HangHere
About the product The black and white stripes from the chest to the abdomen and the bright red beak, eyes and legs have been reproduced.

Target age 3 years or older

What is Yambaru Kuina?
The wings of the Yambaru Kuina are smaller than their weight, and because the muscles that move them are not well developed, they can hardly fly.
It features white and black stripes from the chest to the belly, and a bright red beak, eyes, and feet.
They eat small animals in the soil by picking them up and breaking hard shells such as snails.
Especially in the evening. There are also cases where the pair sings and sings for a long time. For Yanbarkuina, who lives in the bushes, barking is an important means of communication.
In the evening, climb trees and rest on the thick lateral branches. In Yambaru Kuina, the leg muscles are more developed than the chest muscles. With these sturdy legs, you can run in and out of the bushes.

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