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raw materials the main materials:main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W15×D33×H17cm
about the product from head to tail, a whitish grey features. Strong nails and reproduced.

Age range: 3 years old

color TV?
TV is"world's most fearless"animal known as animal. Mustelid animals in total length 100cm about this, despite the lion and the Cobra to confront him, a fearless animal of all.
It's"the world"it is said that Yukari is recognized in the Guinness Book of records it or find it.
Class is habitat, the leopard and the lion said that ferocious animals are many species in South Africa area. Class is"fearless animal"as a species,mainly sole and is not in the act alone.
La is fearless it is said, that the temper of the roughness is not only thick and tough skin to have in the back, a rugged skin, and a lion Fang as hurt can not the most sturdy.
Or, the neurotoxin also resilience to, and the poisoned, even if just a few hours in recovery, because you can die and you will not.

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