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Spotbill duck (child)


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raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W10×D15×H16cm car isthis

age range: 3 years old

of the car the juveniles
in Japan inhabiting the duck is unusual in any season, you can enjoy that memory.
Hokkaido and other cold areas are a little fewer, but even in Japan,where even most of the car run into can just.
The adult of the car, and the"group project"and like a duck the big voice up.
But, of course, Chicks sometimes"piyo piyo"with the adorable cute voice any more.
Once their number is approximately 10 to 12 degree, the female ducks are incubating here. Incubation period is approximately 26~28 days years.
Bird child is born, to walk right by,of the Chicks, however, is about 2 months can fly by.
Then, in the spring born in the winter, that exceed this respectable adults to and growth will.

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