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Barn owl


SKU: SM243
about raw materials Main Material: Acrylic
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W12×D13×H21cm
about goods It features a heart-shaped white masked face and a tangled eye.
be around

subject age over three years

What about the owl?
A heart-shaped white face and a damp black eye, but a lovely owl. The dark eyes and heart-shaped faces are completely nocturnal, and the faces are like parabolic antennas that can be caught even in the dark night, and even in the faint sound of prey.
Although widely distributed throughout the world, such as Europe and the Americas and Australia, unfortunately it is not wild in Japan, and some individuals are bred as zoos and partial pets.
From nesting in barns and churches, it is called Barn Owl (barn owl) in English, which is cherished in Europe because it exterminates the mouse that eats crops.
Life span 15 to 20 years under breeding.

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