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Rock ptarmigan (winter)


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about raw materials Main Material: Acrylic
Producing Country: Vietnam
size W10×D20×H18cm

subject age over three years

What about thunderbirds?
The birds of the family Rychoceae are species that live in the world with six genera and 17 species, and adapt to the coldest climate in the ryocete mates. It is widely distributed along the Arctic coast of the Eurasian continent and North America, along the alpine zones of parts of Europe and Asia, and isolated in the Pyrenees, Alps, and Japan.
Summers are characterized by brown and winters with varying colors of feathers depending on pure white and season; winters are stuck in plumage to keep air from missing body temperature. The feathers have a high density of fine feathers with a shaft split into two and projected into their axis, allowing them to contain a lot of air.

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