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About raw materials Main material:acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W15×D37×H128cm
About products It is a bird living in the city.
There's a wire in the leg.

Age 3 years and older

What is a crow?
It is said that the whole body shines black, and the intelligence is most developed in birds.It can be seen frequently in the streets of Japan, and the representative Crow is the two types of glass, hasibuto glass and hasiboso glass.In addition, as a migratory bird in winter, more than 60cm-long ravines are flying in Hokkaido, and in almost the whole country, a small number of Japanese goats are flying.
From appearing in the mythologies of the world, it can be seen that it was a popular organism among people from ancient times.It is also used in some idioms, such as"Wu-Yi-Shui".

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