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SKU: SM223
raw materials main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W15×D42×H20cm
product about the beautiful back of the scheme to reproduce and spread your wings for posing it.
※To the leg wire into

the target age 3 years old

Kingfisher is?
Total length 17cm. Beak the body of the long,fished on birds. In Japan there are to live. Nest sat in the cliff, cave dug some more. A pond, a river, such as freshwater bodies of water in the feed and normal to a remote island in the coast in the pellet to and does not. Mountain streams and pools overlooking the tree branches quietly and underwater prey, and the surface of the water as far as the line quickly flew around. To tell them apart is the vibrant, Jade(jade)like the color of the body from the fly, gem, said its beauty from the ancient times been paid for.

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