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Long tailed tit



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About raw materials Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W7 x D21 x H10cm
"100+1" HangHere
About the product It is a small bird of the smallest class in Japan that a fluffy body is popular. It lives only in Hokkaido, and it is characterized by a long tail as its name suggests.

Age 3 or older

What is Shimaenaga?
Snow Fairy Thing Shimaenaga (Island Head). It is pure white with a body length of about 14cm, and a fluffy body.
Shimanaga is one of the four subspecies in Japan. It is bred in Hokkaido. Since other subspecies are enaga in Honshu, Kuuswenaga in Kyushu, and Chodonaga of Tsushima and Oki Islands, there is little difference in appearance such as round head, long tail feathers, and short beaks. However, shimanaga, which breeds in Hokkaido, has pure white hair covering its head, and there are no black eyebrow spots or over-eye rays.

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