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raw materials the main materials:main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W7×D21×H10cm
product about long horns and a slim leg to reproduce it.
※leg wire into

the target age 3 years old

Thomson Gazelle is?
Length 1m,body height 60cm inside and outside of smaller Gazelle in both male and female 15 ~ 40cm of the corner there.
The back is Brown in the abdomen is somewhat dimmed,however, in the forelimbs of two roots from the hind limb from a wide black band there. Or under the eye also, a black portion is in the meadow and 30 head of subgroups to life. The herd is in took the female leader by the LED,Cheetah, hyena and other carnivores to prey on. Africa of Kenya,Tanzania, such as most typically associated herbivores.

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