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Bourke's Parrot


SKU: SM216
About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: Vietnam
Size W7×D15×H11cm

"100 1" HangThis

Target age 3 years old or older

Oh, is it chrysanthemum signature co-とは?
Approximately 19cm in total length. As for the ventral, in the back, grayish brown, a tail feather, a flight feather are feather がります of the blue to black, a part and the hips of the wing from pink, the head. It is tomorrow in the parakeets of the color that I have a black feather bordered in a light color as well as other クサインコ in a wing side, and is quiet generally. It is thought that this color becomes the protective coloration for this seed doing 採食 in the ground. I live mainly on the seed of the plant and I live in dozens of groups, but form several hundred groups in the breeding season. Even another name of Night Parrot is called it to appear in the waterside to avoid hot Japan and China, and to drink water at dusk and the daybreak.
It was small, and what it was easy to handle, character quiet quietly were liked and have been bred conventionally although being quiet for クサインコ.

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