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Button Inco (Blue)


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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W7 x D15 x H11cm

Recommended Age: 3+

What is Button Inco Blue?
Blue button inco is a color change kind of button inco that lives in northern Africa, but unlike the artificially made yamabuki button inco and the kielicro button inco, it is said to be a breed that was born in natural development. According to records, it was the first time it was discovered in the wild in 1927.
The color scheme is clearly separated, and the head and face are black, white feathers from the neck to the chest, and dark blue from the wing of the back to the tail. If there is a white border around eyes, it might be a button inco.
It came to be sold as a pet in place of the button inco of the base subspecies that the number was decreasing.
It is said that blue button inco is called a lovebird because it snuggles up happily when becoming a toge, but it is said that it is a strong-willed character and there is a violent fight with other individuals. It is better to separate the cage siforating if you keep two or more.

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