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About raw materials Main material: Acrylic Country of Origin: Vietnam
Size W17 x D30 x H26cm

"100+1" HangHere

Age 3 or older

What is stork?
Total length: 100 cm extended wing length: it is said to be about 195 cm. They live in eastern Russia and China, catching fish and frogs by the water, and eating snakes and insects. Adult storks can't cry, so they beat their mouths together to make a sound.
Currently, in Japan and Korea, storks are being promoted to return to the wild. The stork is bred by the hand of the person, hina is increased, the training kun goodwill which takes food is done, and it is working to return to the wild. In 2005, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, we succeeded in replacing three storks into the wild. It was confirmed that the stork which had returned to the wild raised hina, and it nested energetically in the year. Attention is being paid to whether the return to the wild will continue to be smooth.
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