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Orca L


SKU: SM210
raw materials the main Material:Polyester r
country of origin:Vietnam r
size W48×D87×H37cm

S size isthis
M size ofthis
product about the entire black around the eyes and dorsal fin below the White Group there. Pin and standing tall and it is brave, and overall a sharp impression of it.

※wrapping are not applicable

age range: 3 years old

killer is?
Adorable look and a gesture may be popular, on the other hand the sea as the gang of the most famous marine animals.
The sea is the strongest organism in 8 meters around a large body, head, and shark and whales, such as the team in the hunt.
The orca is the human bosom and the training and adaptation to high in the aquarium is the same as the show as possible.

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