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Serval cat


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About raw materials Main material:acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W17×D40×D24cm

The serval cat (standing)Here
"100+1" HangHere

Age 3 years and older

Serval cat?
It is a type of medium-sized feline."Serval"means"Hound" in Spanish.
They inhabit open savannas, grasslands・and forests (except for the rainforest), and prefer to live around marshes and rivers.It inhabits high grasslands, Riverside reeds, and forest swamps.In isolation, climb the tree, but mostly terrestrial.It is nocturnal, but sometimes it is active during the daytime.Especially when daytime temperatures do not rise too much, active even in the daytime.I usually live by hiding myself in tall grass and weeds.

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