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Emperor Penguin(L)


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raw materials the main materials:main material:acrylic
country of origin:Vietnam
size W21×D29×H37cm

size M isour
children areour
products the whole is fluffy and pile and rotate it. Around the neck, only yellow. The eye is the iris of the eye around just bluish. The belly is the Emperor penguins as plump as possible.

6 years or older,

Emperor penguins are?
Adelie penguins and Emperor penguins only in Antarctica live.
Emperor penguins the size of the penguin world's largest! To the Emperor. The cold environment also withstand chunky fat stores, and body temperature so that you don't miss the head and the wing(Flipper)is small. The head is black, lip is pink color. And from the neck the upper chest toward the yellow-ish color.
Emperor penguins are 4 months from the breeding season to come.
Normally think about early spring and summer and I think it. In the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite. During this period, from the Autumn Winter year. Antarctic winter in the sun all day, but they are not"polar night"and occurs when the temperature is-60 ° C lower. Blizzard"Blizzard"is blowing rough, and organisms from the IT environment.
1 degree at a partner, if the opponent does not die as long as a lifetime together, because the opponent have a pair that is quickly breeding activities begin.

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