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Loggerhead turtle (M)


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About raw materials The main material: The main material: Polyester
A production country: Vietnam
Size W47×D46×H18cm

The small sizeThis

Target age 6 years old or older

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With the loggerhead turtle?
As for the loggerhead turtle, the green turtle lives at the coast in the offing.
A big brain is a characteristic, and Loggerhead of the fame has the meaning that a head has a big. A former length is around 70-90cm, and, with the size that is one size smaller than green turtle, the origin of the name is called a loggerhead turtle from a reddish appearance. Because it is a sea turtle pro-eating meat, I love prawns and a crab, and a chin is very strong.
It lays eggs in Kyushu, Shikoku, each place of the mainland including Tokai. It may lay eggs to Miyagi. Japan is northern limit of the loggerhead turtle laying eggs place of the North Pacific area.
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