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About raw materials The main material: Acrylic
A production country: Vietnam
Size W30×D23×H22cm

"100 1" HangThis
About a product It features a tail having a long island design of the black and white. A feeling can enjoy the coat of hair of the tail light. I catch a hand on a stick and a doorknob, the rim of the wall and can hang.

Target age 3 years old or older

With ワオキツネザル?
I inhabit the dry areas close to the Malagasy forest and forest which are not so deep in southern island.
I act in the day and live in a male and a female and the group approximately 5-20 consisting of the children, and social nature lives a strong life.
採食 does fruit and a flower, a leaf and it varies according to a habitat or a season, but may eat soil.

#Macaco # display # decorations # animal # figure skating # store # doll
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