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SKU: SM025
Raw materials Acrylic resin
Made in Vietnam
Size W29 x D22 x H23 cm

100 + 1Here
About goods The large forehead and the protruding nose are loosely reproduced. Strong limbs and strong breasts feel strong. You can hang your hand on a stick, a doorknob, or the edge of the wall. You can sit down.

Age 3 years or older

The gorilla has a violent image from the appearance, but it is actually mild and delicate animal.
Gorilla is the largest among primates, and the grip strength of gorilla is about 400 kg at least.
The adult male gorilla grows grey with the growth, and the posterior part of the head also protrudes.
The act of beating a chest called drumming is known to his fellow people, or to calm himself.

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