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About raw materials Main material: Acrylic
Country of origin: Vietnam
Size W14 x D29 x H34cm

"100+1" HangHere
About the product I reproduce the thinness of the neck and feet, bright pink. The beak has devised the color scheme, such as to black only the tip. It's self-reliant.

Age 3 or older

What is a flamingo?
It lives in a wide area such as Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa.
Flamingos work together to raise children, such as males and females taking turns warming their eggs.
The newborn baby is not pink, but by giving the red milk from the parents, it gradually becomes pink.
This can also be given to a baby from a male flamingo.

#フラミンゴ #ディスプレイ #デコレーション #動物 #フィギュア #店舗 #人形
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