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Sakana-kun Chinese Trumpetfish


SKU: SK007
raw materials Material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
size 72cm
product about 6 years old or older
Sakana kun's tips written on a tag!

【maker―planning staff's】
to do,help road can.
A variety of colors for individual is that it is.
The Shape of the face line"I stretched feeling"this one.

Help Laya Gaya
habitat: saltwater fish. Coral reef area and the water depth of 30 meters than the shallow areas.
Sagami Bay~Kyushu the southern coast of the Pacific Coast, Yakushima Island,Ryukyu Islands,the University of Tokyo dongdo. The Indo・Pacific region.

Basic information: very small bones is a lot,it is relatively stiff. Really bothersome as long as it is edible, too.
Fine whites can have a taste of it.
The region is the most water fried, without being discharged,discarded.
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