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Sakana-kun Fringed Blenny


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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size 54cm
About the product Age: 6 years old or older
Sakana kun's tips written on a tag!

【Manufacturer- A word of the planning staff】
It is a fusaginpo with a bushy projection.
It is characteristic, cute, and popular.
Because it is a brown color, the stuffed animal is a female.

Distribution: Ibaraki Prefecture, Sanin North to Hokkaido Coast. - Liaoning Province, China, Korean Peninsula, Peter The Great Bay.

Features: The head and the anterior edge of the back have a large number of skin valves. Ophthalmic skin valve is two pairs, there is a scale in front of the dorsal base, jaw teeth tip becomes flat gate tooth-like, can be distinguished from the type of close edge in such features. May reach 50cm in length
From the web fish picture book
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