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Wild Graphy Iguana


SKU: SA022
About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: China
Size W28×D64×H19cm
About a product It is the unique color of the animal and the new stuffed toy which reproduced a pattern. The print added exquisite arrangement not a mere photograph to leave the attractiveness like the stuffed toy while using the cloth which I printed to the pattern of the details like a photograph.

Target age 6 years old or older

With the iguana?
The green iguanas inhabit the South American tropical rain forest mainly, and the length of the mature form is approximately 180cm.
Because a head learns the well simple words in addition to the appearance such as the dinosaur, there is the lover that there is many it.
When it was attacked by a foreign enemy, I can drop a tail like a lizard by oneself.
In addition, an iguana has a sensory organ said to be top of the head eyes and it is different, but it is quick and in this way senses a change and a foreign enemy of the light that I am seen to the eyes.
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