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Wild Graphy Red-eyed Leaf Frog (S)


SKU: SA017
Raw materials Material: Polyester
China Province
Size W15 x D16 x H11 cm
About goods It is a new stuffed animal that recreates the unique color and pattern of animals. The print was not just a photograph, but an exquisite arrangement was added, because the cloth that had been printed to the handle of the detail like a photograph was used, and it was cute like a stuffed animal.

Age 6 years or older

Japanese green tree frog.
Japanese green tree frog lives in tropical rain forest and secondary forest, and the female is larger.
It is nocturnal, and it is stopped at the leaf in daytime, and it is suspended by the body, and the drying is prevented.
Large red eyes and bright body color are very popular as pets.
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