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Wild Graphy Spinosaurus (L)


SKU: SA014
about raw materials Main Materials: Polyester
Producing States: China
size W16×D50×H37cm
about goods It is a new stuffed toy that reproduces the unique colors and hilts of animals. The prints were not just photographs, but exquisite arrangements, because they were used as a picture to print the details, and they were also cute and cute.

subject age over 6 years old

What about Spinosaurus?
The largest feature of the spinosaurus is a large protrusion, which is located in the back part, which is as large as a ship's sail, formed by the skin and muscle covering a row of bones, which is up to 1.6 m tall.
Also, the head is shaped as if it were a crocodile, and is about 2 m in size, the largest being the dinosaur of the beast legs. The front legs that look like hands are also firmly impressed compared to tyrannosaurus and others.
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