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Wild Graphy Plesiosaurs (M)


SKU: SA007
About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W28 x D33 x H28cm
About the product It is a new stuffed animal that reproduces the unique color and pattern of the animal. The print is not just a photograph, but an exquisite arrangement was added to preserve the cuteness of the stuffed animal while using the cloth printed to the pattern of the detail as shown in the photograph.

Age 6 years old or older

What is plesiosaur?
Plesiosaurs are not very large species, and they are only about 2m in size. However, it is thought that it has a high mobility and a very long neck, and swims freely in water using a big fin like the paddle used in the canoe etc. at the tip of the limb.
The presiosaurus's body had a longer neck than the torso, with a small head at the end of the neck, with a long jaw and sharp cone-shaped teeth on the head.
Moreover, the part of the tail was not so strong, and there seems to have been no thing to obtain the propulsion which advanced in water by shaking the tail.
The bones in the fuselage of the Plesiosaur are in a network shape, and these forms of the bone are called gastralia.
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