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Wild Graphy Spinosaurus (M)


SKU: SA006
About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Country of origin:China
Size W13×D38×H28cm
About products It is a new stuffed animal that reproduces the unique color and pattern of the animal.While using the fabric printed to the pattern of detail as shown in the photograph, in order to leave also the cute appearance like a stuffed animal, the print is not just a photograph, I added an exquisite arrangement.

Age 6 +

What is Spinosaurus?
The Spinosaurus's most distinctive feature is its dorsal, large projection that looks like a ship's sail, which is formed by skin and muscles covering a row of bones measuring as much as 1.6 m in height.
In addition, the head is shaped like a crocodile,and the size can be about 2 meters.This is one of the largest theropod dinosaurs.There is an impression that the forefoot that looks like a hand is also firm when compared to such as Tyrannosaurus.
The work of the sail-like part, which is the most distinctive feature of Spinosaurus, has not been elucidated clearly,and there are theories that it was a role as a display of the mating season, such as seen in birds, and that it was an organ for warming the body.
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