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SKU: HA019
About raw materials Main Material:Polyester
Producer: China
Size W8×D33×H19cm

Age 3 years and older

What is a flounder?
There are about 100 species of flounder in the world.Throwing fishing from the shore, fishing boats are also out in various places, and it is also popular as a target fish, it is a familiar fish that also rises to the table.
Habitat:saltwater fish.Shallow than the water depth 100m.
Production: the spawning season is 3 months to 5 months in Tohoku Hokuriku,4 months to 5 months in Mutsu Bay, and 5 months to 6 months in Hokkaido.
Immediately after hatching, the eyes are left and right, like ordinary fish.
The left eye begins to move back, completely moving to the right side by around 15 millimetres.
It is used to feed amphipods, shrimp crabs, Inca Nago, etc. in the Sandy swamp.
Basic information: a typical one among the flounder.In Hokkaido, Tohoku, etc., there are many catches in the bottom-pulling net, and the price is cheap.
The scales are soft and fine and easy to take.The skin is firm and thick and there is no smell.

Market fish and shellfish illustrated book of konnyaku
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