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Pacific saury


raw materials the main Material: Polyester
country of origin: China
size W7×D33×H10cm

age range: 3 years old

website is?
Habitat:saltwater fish. The open ocean in terms of. Birth state: Japan in the Japan-based group in the North Pacific based group of two strains of group exists. The General distribution services of almost all the Pacific side to migrate to. The spawning season is from autumn to spring. Flow algae(Honda world kind)to lay their eggs. The sea of Japan in summer. Or less throughout the year somewhere in the always spawning of Pike is also a feature of. Pacific-born System Group 3-7 of the month 春生 it, and 10-2 on the autumn〜winter to you. 春生 it is larger. Fry is a warm current and North.
Basic information: website of the Department of(in the broadest sense of companions)from all over the world 4 species. I narrowed website belongs to the Pacific to 2 species only. Service in the Department of food of the Pacific San and the Atlantic Ocean on 1 Type. However St. Mark's too much of it edible, as the important species are not.
St. Mark's is in the North Pacific widely distributed. A very large flock, making around. The spawning season is long, a lot of the systems group there. In General service with the Pacific Ocean Hokkaido Eastern Hokkaido emerged in South the most out of your online experience.

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