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SKU: HA016
About raw materials The main material: Polyester
A production country: China
Size W8×D33×H13cm

Target age 3 years old or older

With the mackerel?
Habitation area: The Japanese Islands sea near the shore. From the shoal about 2 meters of depth of the water to the place deeper than 100 meters of depth of the water. All Korean Peninsula coasts, Chinese East China Sea, Taiwan Strait, Taiwan, Philippine Islands, Hawaiian Islands, California coast
The habits: It is summer from spring. It is the golden age early in the north as the south in July in June in April from March. It matures in two or three years, and the laying eggs is carried out repeatedly. The life is 6-7 years. I eat the fry of other fish, zooplankton, a horn pear krill for the adult fish period for zooplankton, the fry period for the fry period. The thing which I go north in spring over the ... summer and hang it in winter from autumn, and goes south is the mainstream of the mackerel.
Basic information: I am distributed over the Northern Hemisphere Pacific widely. It is the industry class that is important as an artefact only as fresh fish.
It was old and was considered to be popular fish, a cheap side dish for sake and was the pronoun of a cheap, delicious fish. The thing which is the most important in a fish as both fresh fish and an artefact. "I did it without making you" and was made が in the ancient times and salt mackerel and dried mackerel were wide in the Edo era and circulated. The salt mackerel was the origin of "the year-end present".

Market fishery products illustrated book of the ぼうず konjac
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