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About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W9 x D37 x H18 cm

Target age 3 years and over

What is salmon?
Habitat: Runs up to rivers north of Tone River in Chiba Prefecture and north of Yamaguchi Prefecture in the Sea of ​​Japan. On the Asian side, it goes up from the eastern part of the Korean Peninsula to the Lena River in Siberia, and in the eastern Pacific Ocean from California in the United States to the Mackenzie River in Canada. Travel to the North Pacific Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.
Raw condition: Autumn, spawning in rivers north of the Tone River and on the Sea of ​​Japan. It hatches in about two months, descends to the sea, eats crustaceans, etc. during the larval stage and moves offshore. Spent two to eight years in the North Sea and return to rivers to spawn.
Basic information: It has been an important edible fish since ancient times. It used to be dried, salted and processed, a gift to the court, and a tax. Shio salmon has often appeared in the diary of Takizawa Makoto in the late Edo period as a gift and as a celebration fish for the New Year.

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