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Red seabream


SKU: HA014
About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of production: China
Size W11 x D35 x H21cm

Age 3 or older

What is Madai?
Habitats: Reefs around 30m to 2m deep water, gravel bottoms, sand bottoms. The Sea of Japan, east China Sea, pacific coast, Seto Inland Sea, Yakushima Island, and east China Sea continental shelf area on the southern coast of Kyushu from all coasts of Hokkaido to the south coast of Kyushu. There are few, but it is also in Amami Oshima, Kikaijima, and Okinawa.
Life: Spawning From spring to summer, they spend their childhood in shallow coastal areas, and when the water temperature begins to decline, they go offshore.
Basic information: Red, cobalt-colored plaques are scattered on the back, etc. There is a dark muscle like an eye shadow above the eyes. The end of the tail fin is a high-quality fish from ancient times in Thailand in the black tie. Thailand is also used as a celebration as a "good-looking".
It is said that "fishing thailand with shrimp" is a small thing and expensive ones seem to be synonymous with high-quality fish. Sashimi, grilled with salt, stewed, etc. are very delicious. Famous for its akashi sea bream in Akashi, Tokushima Prefecture, Naruto-tai in Tokushima Prefecture, and Sashima-tai in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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