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Striped marlin


SKU: HA011
About raw materials Main material: polyester
Country of origin: China
size W10 x D57 x H30 cm

Target age 3 years and over

What is marlin?
Habitat: Saltwater fish. Open-air surface swimming ability. Coast of Japan Sea of ​​Hokkaido, coast of Japan from Toyama Bay to the west coast of Kyushu, East China Sea coast, Pacific coast of Hokkaido to Tosa Bay, Ryukyu Islands. East China Sea, Jeju Island, Taiwan, Indo-Pacific.
Living state: The spawning season is from October to January in the Southern Hemisphere and from May to July in the Northern Hemisphere. Eat squid, fish, etc.
Basic information: It is a huge fish over 4m long that swims in the open sea after chasing fish. It is often called "swordfish", but it has no connection or relationship with tuna.
In the old Kanto region, red meat was the most popular fish in the sashimi. In particular, the fish caught by the stake fishing in Chiba prefecture in winter was popular and served at high-class restaurants. Before this happens, the red meat in the Kanto area has been replaced by the tuna.
The area that most likes this species is around Hokuriku Kanazawa City. The local Japanese name "sawara" is called "Yanagi" and is called "Sawara" here. It is said that the best marlin in Japan will go to Kanazawa.

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