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About raw materials Main material: Polyester
Country of origin: China
Size W7 x D68 x H8cm

Age 3 or older

What is an eel?
Eels are generic term for fish belonging to the eel family and eel genus. It is distributed from the tropics all over the world to the temperate zone. There are 19 kinds of japanese eels, eel, European eel, and American eel in the world( four types of food) are recognized.
Fish that look like eels with elongated body shape, such as husen eel, denki eel, and eel, have a species with the name of the eel in another group on the taxonomy. In addition, the eel and nutaunagi are not only hard-boned fish, but are classified as primitive jawless fish.
It is edible in some types and regions. In Japan, japanese eel is mainly designed to cook such as kamayaki and eel bowl, and it is a fish with a deep influence on food culture for a long time. Although it has been widely used in both fishing and aquaculture, imports from overseas have increased in recent years.

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